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Lajna Imamillah had the honor of having a virtual meeting with the world leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of Bangladesh

During the hour-long meeting, Amila's members were instructed to present a report on their respective departments and Huzur's instructions on various issues.  He got the opportunity to get guidance.  

Huzur was asked how the message of Islam could be conveyed to other people in the light of the Kovid-1 restrictions.

"A person must have full confidence in Almighty God at all times and for that a person must be willing to face every challenge. While in Africa, the conditions and circumstances in which we lived may be considered difficult but we were always determined to fulfill the religious purposes for which we were sent to Ghana.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad further said:

"In such a difficult situation a wife supports her husband and a husband supports his wife. In the end, as long as you trust in Almighty God, no matter how many problems or challenges you face, they will never prove invincible. If your sincere prayers are yours. God's help will always be by your side if you are a constant companion. Of course, if you combine prayer with hard work, God will enable you to overcome whatever challenges you face. Shouldn't.

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