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Bani of Sadar Saheb

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Sunny Musleh Maud Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (RA) founded an organization called Lajna Imaillah in 1922. 2022 will mark the centenary of the organization, Insha'Allah. In this context, some activities have been undertaken by Lajna Imaillah, Bangladesh. We will all implement it together, inshallah.

In the midst of hundreds of adversities, Lajna Imaillah, I would like to extend my prayers and spontaneous participation to all in the hope that the program to celebrate the centenary of Bangladesh will gradually move towards its implementation with the cooperation of all. And I remember in the prayers of those who guided and are guiding us in the path of one hundred years. Lajna Imaillah, this small effort of Bangladesh will take a big shape with the participation of all. God is the lock  Help us by the angel of mercy, Amen.



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Sadar, Lajna Imaillah, Bangladesh

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