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Sanat Dastkari

Organizational responsibilities

90 Secretary Sehat-i-Jismani will organize his work mainly in the following two cases:

A) To provide necessary information to the members about health sciences, healthcare and first aid.

B) To increase the participation of members in various sports such as table tennis, volleyball, singles competitions such as running, jumping, horse racing, cycling, swimming and archery.

91. He will arrange sports and competitions wherever possible.

92. It is the responsibility of every Lajna organization to establish this department and to appoint a separate secretary for it.

93. He will see that from time to time special speeches are given in Lajna meetings for the purpose of beautiful health care.


As early as October 1926 (Volume 1 - History of Lajna), the Sanat and Dastakari division began its journey. At that time the women of the Jamaat decided to sell their hand-woven and ready-made cotton garments for the purpose of raising money for the Jamaat.

In October of this year a gathering was organized at the house of Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad (R). Some items were sold here and the proceeds were deposited in the Tabligh Fund.

In 1926, the following year, the first exhibition was held to showcase the handicrafts made by the Lajnas. Tickets were available to enter the exhibition. The winner of this exhibition was Amatul Mugni Shamim Sahiba, a Lajna who worked on silver thread with the word 'Alaisallaho' on the blue velvet banner. He was awarded a silver medal.

By 1928, an exhibition was held every year thereafter. The idea is to turn this work into a separate Lajna section, which will include the exhibition and a section.

Directions to local secretaries

  • To follow all the instructions sent by the center as per his ability.

  • Prepare quarterly report every three months and submit it to the center.

  • Provide the necessary support to Lajna members to create something for the exhibition.

  • Organize various classes to enhance the skills of the members who want to learn. 


Naserat (A, B Group)

  • First 6 months- 1) Buttoning the shirt

         2) Tip button

  • Second 6 months-1) Chain stitch

            2) Hem stitch



  • First 6 months - Nima and baby frock cut and sewing of 6 month old baby

  • Second 6 months - petticoat cut and sewing.

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Nakshi kantha

Handicraft sheets, coats, scarves, nakshikantha from home come to the center during Ijtema. Poor women take part in this and from their source of income can contribute to their financial well-being as well as monthly subscription.

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