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Sehet e jismani

Organizational responsibilities

90 Secretary Sehat-i-Jismani will organize his work mainly in the following two cases:

A) To provide necessary information to the members about health sciences, healthcare and first aid.

B) To increase the participation of members in various sports such as table tennis, volleyball, singles competitions such as running, jumping, horse racing, cycling, swimming and archery.

91. He will arrange sports and competitions wherever possible.

92. It is the responsibility of every Lajna organization to establish this department and to appoint a separate secretary for it.

93. He will see that from time to time special speeches are given in Lajna meetings for the purpose of beautiful health care.

শারীরিক সুস্থতা বিষয় জুম মিটিং হয় প্রতি মাসের ২য় ও ৪র্থ বুধবার

বিকাল ৪টা থেকে ৬টা

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